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Welcome to Farlands-SMP
1 minute read

The best way to play Minecraft is on Farlands-SMP. No more restrictions, no more limits. Farlands-SMP is a world full of wonders and excitement. With Farlands-SMP you won't ever want to join another Minecraft server. We are a whitelisted server and you have to apply before you can join. 

Vanilla Minecraft
You want to get the full Minecraft experience or you have been tired by servers not running your farms? This is the place, where all vanilla farms and mechanics will work. We use a fabric based server that does not modify the vanilla gameplay at all.

Just have fun
Have you ever been annoyed by rules like "No redstone clocks", "Limited plots" or "Required online time"? Our server does not have any rules like that. We don't even have any rule at all except for having fun.

Grown-up community
We carefully select the players for our server to make sure, we have a healthy community. Since we don't have any rules but don't want to become an anarchy server, we make sure that everyone shares the same ideas about how a community in Minecraft should be.

Are you amazed? Apply now on our Discord server! You can proceed to Server Info