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Rules & Guidelines
Yeah, a lot of text. But with useful information. If you are not sure, stick to rule #1.

1. Treat other players with respect

That is pretty much the foundation for this project to work. We want to be respectful to each other in order to reduce the amount of rules

2. Stealing, griefing and PVP

Even though this is not particularly prohibited, you should steal, grief and kill according to rule #1: be respectful. Since we don't have any protection plugins, it is always possible to do so. But we do not want to become an anarchy server. And if you are more of a anarchy person, there are better servers out there for you.

3. Hacking and mods

We recommend playing with a bunch of mods that make your life easier (e.g. Tweakaroo, Minihud). The seed of the server is known and the server also provides additional information with the Servux mod. Nevertheless, it is up to you if you want to cheat to get a bunch of diamonds or not. Additionally, duping is also not forbidden. TNT-duping is even recommended. If you want to dupe other stuff... well if it is possible, why not? We want to test the boundaries of Minecraft, so go for it.

4. Do not annoy the owners

We do not have any specific rules for bans, but if someone is too annoying he/she is likely to get banned eventually.

5. Build everywhere

We don't have any plot or protection plugins whatsoever and we are not going to have them in the future. So you can build everywhere. Stick to rule #1 and stay respectful. You are also welcome to start projects in the end, the nether hub, the spawn or elsewhere. It is recommended to announce what you are doing in Discord to prevent others from reverting your changes.

6. Lag efficiency

You need to be aware, that every type of lag that cannot be turned off will add up to the global lag of the server and make it unplayable. So, be as lag efficient as possible. We do not have any size limits or maximum villagers per breeder, but we ask you to always challenger yourself to adjust the design to be as lag efficient as possible.

7. AFK-ing

Even though it is not forbidden to be AFK, it is recommended to use (/shadow or /bot1 & /bot2 spawn from the carpet mod) and log off. This will not only save your bandwidth, but will also optimize the server performance..

8. Think us before me

We share this server and we are all responsible for keeping it a great place. So think about others before doing your stuff.